CFugue - C++ Music API for MIDI Score Programming

CFugue Beta Released!!

CFugue, meaning Carnatic Fugue or the C/C++ replacement of JFugue, is a high level Music Programming Library. CFugue makes it possible to play music notes directly from C/C++ programs, without ever having to deal with the low-level MIDI complexities. This library provides a simple abstraction that lets you concetrate on programming the music rather than worry about the MIDI nuances. Provides features that makes it possible to use this library directly from many platforms, including but not limited to ASP pages, .Net applications and even non-Windows based systems.

For usage samples and further details, please refer to the rich and detailed documentation or download.

Additional Release: PlayByEar!!

This is a simple application that lets music learners improve their Play-By-Ear capabilities of Music. With support for over 100 different instruments, users will be able to practice identifying the notes of their own favourite instrument.

For the first time in the world, this is a single application that seamlessly supports both Western and Carnatic Music Notations. The application is designed around simple Question/Answer paradigm. It plays (poses) a series of notes that the user has to identify (using the Virtual Keyboard Control provided on the application Window).

The questions are designed around the concepts of reinforced learning paradigm. With questions designed to be set at multiple levels of difficulty, users of all levels (from beginners to advanced) should be able take advantage of the application starting at their own level of Music Knowledge. The scoring system is based around advanced behavioral learning patterns that captures users' Music recognition capabilities through different metrics that help them immensly with progressive learning.

Read the UserManual.html (available in the download) for more details on how to use the application and the various ratings/scoring details.

Free tool for Learning to Play the Music By Ear

Project Information

This is the CFugue Music Programming Library project ("cfugue")

This project was registered on on Apr 16, 2009.

The final goal is to provide a C/C++ API for programming music. Hiding the complexity of MIDI, the library offers high-level programming for music notes. Offers features to directly start working on Music Notes such as C, D, E etc... Works with Western and Carnatic music alike.

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